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"our philosophy and view”

Making books is like making new worlds.

Through writers’ words, messages and beliefs, books deliver a new world by writers’ utmost dynamic imagination, effusion creativity. Books, inserted with all kinds of different personalities and capabilities, are almost like microcosms. Therefore, when people encounter excellent books, they are moved.

Publishing needs not only the talented author, but also power of other specialists just like making a movie. Until One Book has been published, it is necessary to aggregate the power of many people including illustrators, designers, the photographers, the proofreaders, and so on.

We, the book editors, play as bridges to connect these specialists. OFFICE FUKUNAGA Inc. is a company of elite editors. Our philosophy for each editor is “Be a bridge between authors and readers”.

Nowadays, our Japanese government has announced that it is important to share our beautiful Japanese culture with other countries and peoples. This new policy is called “Cool Japan”. But in publishing field, the situation of “Cool Japan” is not cool actually. Only work of well-known authors or famous comics are translated and published for limited countries. It is a pity. Don’t you think?

As you know, there are many people who love and yearn for Japanese culture in the whole world. In spite of this, there are only few books in limited fields can be translated into other languages.

Therefore, we have decided to create e-books globally based on fabulous and beautiful Japanese cultures. In the spring of 2014, we will start offering our first original work for English speaking readers on net, Amazon & Smashwords.

We sincerely ask your kind understanding for our thought and hope you’d to enjoy our new creations.

CEO's Profile


Aoyama Gakuin University, Bachelor of Art in English literature. Main studies: American sorrow compared with Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller


CEO, Ikuko Fukunaga, has been immersed in book-editing field over 30 years. After graduation from university, she started her career as an editor at SEISHUN Publishing Company since 1982. Her editorial section is the literary essay and practical books in medical, health, diet, fortune-telling, etc.

In the end of 1990's, she started working at the subsidiary of Nikkei Newspaper Company, the famous Japanese economic newspaper. In 2000's, she changed to Harlequin Japan as an editor in Harlequin Historical, Image, Temptation and Blaze. 3 years later, she got promoted to supervisor of Harlequin Romance section. This section has published 50 romance novels per month and this was the biggest market in Japanese paperback market at that time.

These experiences made her a professional book-director. After Harlequin Japan, she started to form editors group named Office Fukunaga. In 2013, Office Fukunga Inc. was demutualized in Tokyo.

fukunaga CEO
Ikuko Fukunaga

corporate profile

corporate profile
Established 2010
Incorporated 2013
Capital 3 million yen
President Ikuko Fukunaga
Editors 3
Translators 5
Writers 12
Address 2-2-15-531
Minami Aoyama
Tokyo 107-0062

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