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a sickle with chained weight
(Perfect combat!)

Shooting of shuriken!
by Hanzo Ukita

Iai sword
Lightning speed!

Iga-ryu Ninja performance is the best show in Cool Japan.

Here is "Iai sword" by Japanese sword.

Ninja costume
Can you transform?

How to wear Ninja costume.

First,put on trousers.

Wear upper garment,right side insaide,left side outside...

Buddha’s bodyguard

Ninja prays the God "fudomyooh"...one of the bodyguard of Buddha before the battle to concentrate his mind.

This movie is IGA-Ninja ASHURA's performance.

Origami of Shuriken
(How to make a paper shuriken?)

We will show you how to make "ORIGAMI of SHURIKEN".

Please look at this site. It must be fun of you!

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